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 If the Company suspects that betting fraud or game manipulation has occurred inside Casino Online, it has the right to reveal any recorded data (including information regarding suspicious betting) to sports unions, institutions, or any other third party conducting an investigation into such matters.

A person’s chronological age in relation to their physical fitness

Whenever a user puts a wager or participates in a game, the user is certifying that he or she is of legal age to do so in accordance with the relevant national law. This statement is issued regardless of whether the user fits these requirements or not. A visit to makes it perfect.

Limitation of Bets

With the exception of the profit constraints (for more information about this issue, see “Setting the amount of profit”) and possible bet limits, each user is responsible for determining his or her own bet.

To pay the customer’s part of the tax on sports betting, a percentage of the earnings are withheld

There will be a 5% tax on all bets made on equestrian sports and lottery games, as stated in Article 17 of the law governing such wagering. Users who win money on their bet must pay taxes on that money. The tax is deducted from their winnings. Amount equivalent to 5% of the company’s total revenue (the value of the bet multiplied by the odds). Users may expect to get “net profit” in their bank accounts after subtracting taxes from the overall gross earnings. This payment will be deducted from the accounts of all customers who have a permanent residency inside the German borders and all users at the time of the wager. Tax and auditing authorities may utilise information stored in a customer’s account for the purposes of taxes, and this information can be used by the firm to determine the customer’s geographic location when a bet is made. Additionally, if the competent authorities have a legal need that must be satisfied, the business is compelled to provide this information.


Before a bet may be placed, a sufficient number of stakes must be available in order to pay the whole bet, as well as any taxes that may be incurred. Only then may the wager be considered a legitimate bet, and only then.

The whole picture

As long as funds in the account are not adequate to pay all of the wagers made before a certain deadline, the company will continue to take wagers in the order they were put until enough money is available to cover all of the wagers placed.

Coverage that is just partial

In order to place a bet, one must make a promise that is partially covered by the amount of money now accessible in the account.


The bet was made after getting confirmation from the corporation. Where there is a dispute about the time when the bet was made with the company, the time it was placed with the company is deemed authentic. When a wager appears in the “My bets” section of the betting account, it is considered verified. If a delay occurs, please be patient.